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This is my first blog post, writing my own, instead of ghostwriting for other company's blogs. I figured it was time to start my own; and although I have had other blogs in the past, this time, I will keep it up and hopefully post not just about my haired life as a mother of three teenagers,  even though that could fill a book, but my opinions of life - in general.

I have often heard of the phrase, "Write what you know." Well, I'm no genius but I do know about writing - especially writing online. I do know when writing online, short sentences are better than boring, long paragraphs, so I will try and keep my posts short and sweet.

I thought about writing down my thoughts in poetry-style, just jotting down whatever comes to mind, which could be scary, depending on my mood. I am also writing another book, a non-fiction book called "Adventures in Dizzyland: My Up and Down Journey With a Balance Disorder." I would love some feedback on the pages I've already written so I will post these here, in hopes you will get a laugh or two, since most of it is written in a humorous tone. One day, I hope to get it published.

For now, I will leave you with a few paragraphs to get started. Please leave a comment if you enjoy this blog.

Thanks for visiting!


Chapter One

I Don’t Like this Ride

I wasn’t always in Dizzy-land. In fact, up until about five years ago, I was riding comfortably on even-land, walking upright and not feeling as if someone put a fifty-pound weight on my right side and pushed me forward on the plank to unknown-land. In other words, I had my balance, and oh did I so take it for granted like a recent blind person takes their sight for granted, or a paralyzed person took their legs for granted. For no longer could I swing by life, like a monkey through the trees, without ever falling out, mind you, and screech to the top of my lungs that I was free! And, it wasn’t just Boom! One day, I fell out of bed and lost my balance. No, it happened quite gradually, but I had dismissed it as an ear infection. If I got antibiotics and maybe some nasal spray, everything would be fine in a week or so. Well, it didn’t happen, so naturally, I went looking for alternatives, which led to a two-year mystery-finding mission. Let me tell you, I was more than a woman on a mission, I was a desperate mother of three children who could no longer drive, for fear I would swerve over into oncoming cars and kill us all, or drive like a maniac and have other people think I had one too many at the local bar; and believe me, a few of my friends and family members would drop dead if they ever heard of that happening!
I loved to drive, I really did. I loved to feel the car bend to my every push on the gas pedal; the ease of switching lane after lane, because of boneheads who thought going over 55 would raise their blood pressure to within cardiac arrest limits. I loved to feel the two-ton minivan cruise down I-15 in Utah, smooth as silk, crank the radio to the retro that was the awesome 80’s, singing like there was no tomorrow, and people turning to me, shaking their head and thinking “Wow, she has wayyy too much self-confidence!” I used to drive like I was the only one on the road, humming to my own tune, playing by the rules, mind you, but yelling at anyone who dared pull out in front of me, tailgate me or try to run me off the entrance onto the freeway—you semis know exactly what I’m talking about! It was great. I could go anywhere, anytime, for anything. That was the first freedom that was taken away from me...


  1. So you've been struggling for 3 years!

  2. So you've been struggling for 3 years!

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