Start 2021 with a Gift of Office Pro from TestOut! (Sample email)

For email campaigns to be successful, it’s crucial that subscribers click on the link(s) imbedded in your email, but how do you get them interested enough to click through? Below is an email sample that has the five elements of good journalism (even though you’re not a journalist), and that is the who, what, where, when, and why. Humans are curious animals, but they just want the information and then they can come to their own conclusions. (media, what a concept, right?) And hey, if it works for journalism, why can’t it work for email campaigns or social media, blogs, articles, website pages, etc? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.   Email Marketing Campaign for Office Pro and Grant: Sample One Subject Line: Gift your students a 6 MONTH K12 Grant for Office Pro from TestOut! Preview: (Name), give your students the best in certification software today with TestOut’s Office Pro grant. Main: Ring in the new year with TestOut’s K12 Grant for IT and MS Office Pro cours

A Strategy to Maximize an Employer’s 401K Match

(Article ghostwritten for Inquisitr, 2013) Since many employers started offering 401k plans back in the early 80’s, millions of employees have taken advantage of this gold nugget and maximized their retirement plans. However, due to the state of the economy and other retirement-based issues, experts have now discovered ways to further maximize this additional retirement safety net so your 401k plans go the way you always dreamed.   Some great strategies for 401k plans are discussed on US News money blog , with an article specifically addressing retirement strategies that will further protect you; these include some strategies about 401k you may not know about but could really help with retirement plans in the future.   In an associated report from this Inquisitr article, Retirement Crisis Looms for the Unprepared , it further drives home the point that workers aren’t saving nearly enough on 401k plans, and since cuts to social security and the ever-decreasing pension funds are occur

3 Ways Blogging Can Help Improve Your Brand’s Online Visibility

If you have a company, you know the importance, or should know the importance, of getting your content in front of an audience — and that means blogging to help improve your brand’s online visibility. However, writing just any old blog isn’t going to cut it; it needs to contain relevant and engaging information. Continue reading to learn about the 3 ways blogging can help. Blogging identifies you as an authority figure. When someone is searching for an answer to their question or would like a step-by-step instruction manual on how to replace siding, your blog should be the first one that pops up, or at least be in the first page of search results. It should have relevant keywords that Google or DuckDuckGo can crawl and pick up and rank. Including a catchy meta description captures people’s attention and they will likely click on the link to see what you have to offer. This is when a blog can establish credibility and answer someone’s question or solve their dilemma. Don’t underestimat

PPC for E-commerce, Target Revenue and Profit, Not Conversions (Ghostwrote for Inquistr)

When you pay Google $10k for traffic or clicks to your website, you expect something in return right? In fact, for that kind of money, you expect an increase of revenue or else why invest the money. Over 95% of the market measures their success with the average cost per conversion (the so-called CPA model). The problem is, most online retailers carry hundreds of products and a conversion does not carry the same value across the board. So what kind of return do you expect? The CPA model is terribly incomplete. In the end you want an increase in revenue and profit right? How can you quantify the value of a ‘conversion’ if you have hundreds of products at different prices? Remember, keywords are NOT products! You need to know the value of each keyword based on the collective revenue it generates, whether the shopper buys one product or multiple products. PPC for eCommerce means Bidding for Revenue AND Profit. What if you knew that for every dollar you spend on AdWords you could ea

Out with the Old, In with the New!

This year has been a roller coaster of a ride. Starting in March, we dismantled our old upper deck and cleared out stuff underneath for a bottom deck. It took us 6 months, but in August of this year, we finished and now have a new beautiful upper and lower deck! It took many hours, but it’s finished and man, do we love it. Look at the difference from 9 months ago!! Anyway, now that fall has hit, and even some winter conditions, it’s time to huddle indoors and be a hermit. Well, can’t really do that, because I just got a new job after working conditions at my old job were not good. I left my old job three days ago, got a phone interview the next day and an in-person interview the day after. Two hours after, I got the offer!! That was the fastest time from going from one job to another and it’s a bit of a whirlwind, but an exciting one. I went from being a copywriter to a content director, and the building is 5 minutes from home on the freeway. When one doo

Sample of B2B Article and How It’s a Win-Win for You Both

You’ve known about business-to-business marketing - businesses that market to other businesses, either in the form of a product, service, or informative content - but did you know, with the help of link-building, digital content marketing can help you both out. It’s different than business to consumer writing, where you are marketing to a consumer or individual, instead of a corporation, so of course the rules will be a bit different. When you target other businesses, you want your content to reflect how you can help them increase their sales and productivity, therefore their bottom line. In an example I will list below, you will see how writing for the B2B market isn’t necessarily hard, it just means learning what the company needs and ensuring you have it, whether that’s a product, service, or just plain good information. Once that’s established, you can link to other publishers that then link-build back to your business, either by a direct quote or other articles that are relevant

Need a Blog Writer that Can Implement These 7 Crucial Elements?

Blog writing has evolved into much more than just a personal accounting of someone’s day, their trip, or even their hobbies; it’s turned into the top way to market your company. Blog posts, when done consistently and creatively, can foster an environment where readers can learn about your products or services quickly and with as much information as possible - without dragging on and on and on.... In fact, more and more corporatons are turning to blogs, and blog writers, to reflect their voice for their business. A well-written and informative blog can do wonders for your client-base and potenial clients or customers looking for what you have to offer. However, what you include in a blog post is vastly important and should include 7 elements. Below, is a blog post I wrote for a dental office company in the U.S.A. Once I finished the blog, with target-rich SEO keywords, I posted it on their blog, and then a social media specialist added it to all of their social media accounts, to ge