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Adventures in Dizzyland Part Five

Today is Friday and the sun is shining!! The beautiful snow glistens in my yard and no one got hurt from these horrible storms this week! I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm also grateful I was able to do yoga last night with my awesome sister-in-laws; I come home, take a hot bath, crawl into bed and crash the whole night; it's vunderful!!
Anyway, here is part five on my continuing adventures in Dizzyland!
I, of course didn't want to hear it. I wanted to pity myself. I wanted to stew in my angry juices, let them boil and then simmer, until I was ready to face them. I wanted my dad. Now, anyone knows, your spouse, friends, family and mother are wonderful, but there’s just something about Dad that makes it all OK. He didn't have answers, only a hug and “It will all work out.” I felt better already. Soon after, I started finding natural solutions to my problem, or at least the symptoms. I tried motion sickness medicine, essential oils, aromatherapy, exercises, you name it.…